Evaluation: Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I went for a much more different approach to using the varieties of media that were at my disposal. Instead of going for a fully film based title sequence, I decided to use the full features of final cut to create a well edited piece of animated film. This involved mixing both live-action film and animation to create a mixture of both methods of film, which I think really broadened my skills in both areas.

The first part to creating this animated sequence was to find a suitable background, and I wanted this to be moving, to keep the piece always have some kind of kinetic feel, even with just something as dull as titles scrolling down the screen. I got the inspiration for this from the popular sci-fi film; The Matrix.


After integrating this background into the film, I needed to add my titles. This was tricky, as although I couldn’t spend too much time on each individual title, I did want them to be interesting. To solve this, I made one final title in the style of a standard error message, but with the titles where the message itself would be (in a very similar style to that of the ‘IT Crowd’, link below). The rest of the titles I made into basic scrolling text, with a bit of editing to make them look a bit more futuristic. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9QbwiQUXpw (the IT Crowd title sequence)

Background with ‘IT Crowd’ style title.

After this I needed to piece it all together and add in some music. I decided to use ‘Smooth’ an un-copyrighted track on the website ‘freeplaymusic.com'. I feel that it really suits my technological, slow titles, and compliments the style and genre of my film.

Last of all, I had to actually complete the filming of my piece. After deciding on a location and where to set up the camera and tripod, I started filming. As this was only the secondary priority in my project, this proved to be quite a simple task. After getting it all complete, I was able to upload it onto the computer for editing.

The only character in the film was my brother Ronan, who played the unwilling protagonist of the film. We only see him from behind in the titles, and I did this to create a sense of mysteriousness to the character.

The editing for the film was much simpler in comparison to the editing of the animated sequence, and thus was completed much quicker. I tried to keep the sound to a minimum, which amplified foley noises such as the keyboard being used, and a mouse being clicked. I wanted to do this in order to make the whole scene seem more gritty and realistic. 

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