R&P Task 9 - Risk Assessment and Call Sheet

Risk Assessment

-Lots of electrical equipment including computers and cameras etc.
-High risk of actor getting a strain related injuries (RSI, ULDs, eye strain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and back injuries) from sitting at the computer or using computer equipment for too long. These can also occur in people operating the cameras and film-related equipment.
-Food and drink near any electrical equipment.
-Large amount of electrical wiring can be hazardous to the crew.

How to Avoid Hazards:
-Always be wary of equipment and keep food and drink away from it at all times. Also ensure that only people trained to use the equipment can use it.
-Make sure that all crew and actors take frequent breaks after lengthy periods of time using cameras and computers to avoid strain injuries.
-Again, make sure that no food or drink is consumed near any equipment (unless it is an authorized prop).
-Place all wiring behind protectors and make sure they are keep in a discreet corner of the room, so that the crew aren’t affected by it.

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